Southern Sunset

Life In The South


Life in any part of the world is shaped and governed by different social, economic and political activities which add gist and make it meaningful. In Southern USA, it is an interesting one based on a social point of view. It is one composed of a rich social culture that is dynamic in terms of what individuals engage in their day to day lives, ranging from the food they eat, the activities they do for fun, the type of clothes they like and wear to the sports they love to watch. In this article, we will focus on the following:

Southern Clothing

Fashion is one aspect of life that individuals greatly pay attention to in the south. Traditional attire and modern designs are mixed giving rise to a unique brand. Professional wear is common but not as predominant as the informal wear. Informal wear- T-shirts and jeans are preferred by most people. Some opt for plain t-shirts while others opt for those which logos and other writings on them. For example, the confederate flag shirt is a lifestyle for many people especially teenagers. The confederate flag shirt which offers a range of designs based on the logos in each shirt has been widely purchased. In terms of gender, females prefer to combine different colors giving fashion an aesthetic and unique meaning.

Southern Food

When you just imagine the food that the people in this region eat, it will whet your appetite and you will definitely want to sample each and every type of food they have to offer. There is always something delicious for everyone. Fried chicken is a delicacy that will never miss on the menu in restaurants and will be served for dinner at home on most occasions. Apart from that, mashed potatoes, southern cornbreadcornbread, biscuits and pulled pork also are other types of foods loved. For instance, chicken biscuits are desired by many. In fact, it is believed that it is only in this part of USA that you are guaranteed of such delicious biscuits. When it comes to vegetables and salads, it is a completely exciting experience. There is the carrot raisin salad enhanced with margarine and brown sugar, corn pudding and turnips greens enhanced with meat. Peanut and turtle soup are also favored foods and not forgetting tea. A cup of good tea is a must in the south for majority of people. It is to a great extent a lifestyle. The tea is mostly favored when brewed with sugar and some ice. The people of south believe the tea to be a nourishing drink. For the lovers of dessert course, there are a variety of cakes to sample such as coconut cake, strawberry shortcake, and pound cake among others.

Having Fun in the South

Fun activities contribute to social development of the people of South.

Partying is inevitable in the South. It is part and parcel of the social fabric. Want to have a good time in the South? Think of a party. Parties conducted in this region will never disappoint. There is plenty of good food and drinks. Are you a diehard fun of music? You can be sure that too will be in most of the parties held giving them a lively touch. There a lot of band performances by skilled musicians incorporating musical instruments such as guitars. When it is summer season, it is party time. Constant parties will be help in home backyards, near the beach and clubs.

Porch sitting. This is not only common fun activity that individuals love to undertake but also a strong culture in the South. It is not a wonder to find people sitting in rock chairs as you walk from one neighborhood to another. It enables individuals to have an opportunity to chit-chat with their loved ones, have moments to meditate about their lives, read a captivating novel or wave at their neighbor next door and above all to have a peaceful time.rocking chairs porch

Camping activities. Individuals, both adults and children, love the fun (hiking, sleeping in tents and conducting tasks in teams) that comes with camping endeavors. Camping endeavors offer a chance for those involved to nurture friendships, develop endurance and confidence in life. It is also of immense advantage when camping involves a specific group of individuals since they are able to discuss issues affecting them freely.

Fireflies. The south is endowed with many fireflies which people love to watch. They provide light in patios and backyards and a person who happens to experience this extra-ordinary encounter can attest to the fact that it is indeed amazing.

Top Southern Sports

Sports take a center stage among the people of the South. They perceive sports as an opportunity to interact with one another thereby building cohesion. People engage in sports either as players or viewers. Running is a sporting activity that is undertaken as it is viewed as a good way of exercising and keeping fit. Soccer, which has been in existence for quite a long period of time, is a sport game that has a lot of fame and popularity in the south. It is both a sport and a fun activity. The game knows neither age nor gender. It is played by kids, men and women. It is played by the use of feet entirely. For those who have lived in the south for the better part of their lives, they have surely played baseball in their childhood as a pastime activity or taken it up as a sports in their adulthood. This sport is interesting and engaging thus demanding a lot of flexibility. Basketball is another ideal sport for people. In high schools, the game draws many viewers from the community who come to cheer and watch their children play.

In conclusion, it is evident that people in the south derive much pleasure in the activities they do. More so, each activity presents an opportunity to learn and discover new things as a result of much interaction with different individuals. Therefore, the south is a nice place to settle in and experience life in a whole new dimension.